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Critical Subjects - What is critical thinking?

14.07.2014 – ARUP Associates, London

Part of the Critical Subjects summer school series of debates, lectures and panel discussions.


Steve Webb

  1. All architecture is engineering. That fact is inescapable.
  2. after we got over the shock factor of what engineering can do (eg: bridges, towers) the engineer has become more of a statistics accountant.
  3. Recently there has been a communion of architecture and engineering in high-tech, even though it quickly turned into ornament.
  4. It is a good idea to bring together architecture and engineering, allowing us to be more efficient, do things for more people with less money, to bring more logic into design.
  5. “What irks me about architecture is decoration. Why do we have all this stuff? Why can’t we make structure beautiful too?”
  6. Engineers are, typically, inarticulate and uncreative.

David Marks

  1. Perhaps because there is so much architecture with a small a, and o much engineering with a small e, that we should concentrate on the good stuff only.

John Roycroft

  1. Architecture and engineering are a mindset. Good architecture is when there is a success of all disciplines involved.