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Marshall McLuhan

The Medium is the Massage is -on terms of form, content and their marriage- a masterpiece.


The old civic, state and national groupings have become unworkable. Nothing can be further from the spirit of the new technology than “a place for everything and everything in its place”. You can’t go home again.

Marshall McLuhan, The medium is the Massage

Environments are not passive wrappings, but are, rather, active processes which are invisible. The groundrules, pervasive structure, and over-all patterns of environments elude easy perception. Anti-environments, or counter situations made by artists, provide means of direct attention and enable us to see and understand more clearly. The interplay between the old and the new environments creates many problems and confusions. The main obstacle to clear a clear understanding of the effects of the new media is our deeply embedded habit of regarding all phenomena from a fixed point of view. We speak, for instance, of “gaining perspective”. This psychological process derives unconsciously from print technology.

Marshall McLuhan, The medium is the Massage

Propaganda ends where dialogue begins

Marshall McLuhan, The medium is the Massage

Quotes by Others

Haven’t found the original mention of the “sunset effect”, which is used to describe the shortcomings of one thing being used to power something that came after it. Not in the positive sense that they are overcome, but in the sense that they are doubled down on.

Marshall McLuhan aptly termed a sunset effect, an exaggerated caricature of now obsolete characteristics of a waning era. Parametricism and icons exacerbate rather than solve the main failings of modern architecture.

Peter Buchanan, Empty Gestures, in: The Architectural Review 1417