Undisciplinary is the personal wiki of Martin Zemlicka.

David Kopecky


Represented the Czech Republic at the 2002 Venice Biennale.


Below is my translation of a text that appeared in the Czech publication Texty o architektuře 01/02

Once you kinda wake up and there it is.
A discomforting for the future you sighted at dawn between dreams…
And then you forget; however your subconscious keeps at it. Some day, later, the feeling comes back as fact, as reality.
A rush of energy. No way back. Elements begin to connect. Suddenly it’s lucid, it’s everywhere, the birds are singing it.
The exclusive game is done. The future is you and your freedom of choice.
The exclusive game of architecture as a rink for you architects where you play for the space for others is no longer purposeful.
It no longer engages me.
My attention is turned to finding accessible mechanisms for opening up the game to all its contributors, to all its consumers.
In the process of devising space used by other subjects, an open source programmer keeps a distance and only ensures the technical and intellectual framework of a system.
As consumers personally, separately, come with their individualities they become part of the concept and enrich, co-create, the organically growing construct with their activities.
I believe in the unbounded aesthetic and social potential of an open game.

The future starts today and signs point to us living through big things.