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Christian Kerez's Lecture in Prague

06.03.2014, Law Faculty of Chrales University

A completely full lecture room.


  1. It is a bit strange to talk about projects that one already built, because a finished house should speak for itself
  2. Space is the main thing in architecture. Architecture is a medium.
  3. (while showing his design for Tomio Okarmura) To create infinity, to use a house as a medium to create endlessness you have two options: * Open to the outside * Repeat the inside
  4. (describing a building for three families) Everything that does not belong in a building is outside: staircase, elevator, shafts.
  5. (on context) I come from the periphery around Zurich, and I can assure you that there is no context … I would love to build in the centre of Prague where I would have to care about the historical. I often hate the context that I work in. An objection to context is contextual.
  6. (on sustainability) How much can you really contribute as an architect? I think the only answer is to make the energy worth it.